LLP “NMSC” Kazmotransflot “(KMTF) is the National Sea Carrier (Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 29, 2011 No. 462). The main activities are the Mission of KMTF:
– safe and reliable operation of the fleet;
– development of national sea trade and service fleets;
– increasing the profitability of shipping, both in the Caspian region and beyond.

The strategic goal of KMTF is:
–  increase in the state’s share in maritime transportation and in exploration at sea;
– formation of a unified state policy in the field of commercial navigation
– strengthening of international cooperation in the sphere of commercial navigation.

At present, KMTF has launched a large-scale project – participation in the Future Expansion Project of Tengizchevroil LLP. Thus, KMTF will increase the share of the Kazakhstan content in the FGP TCO, which in turn will allow the preparation of qualified domestic specialists with experience in multi-modal marine international transportation of oversized cargo.

Within the framework of the project, KMTF will transport about 75 modules for the construction of a new generation plant.

KMTF is a reliable service provider to Kazakhstan and foreign partners. The company owns the largest, as well as the most modern in the Republic of Kazakhstan fleet – tanker, tugboats, as well as vessels for transportation of bulky cargo and barges for various purposes.

KMTF is a highly efficient and highly profitable company, corresponding to the highest international standards of safety and quality of maritime navigation.

The company full name is – the limited liability partnership “National Maritime Shipping Company” Kazmortransflot “; abbreviated – LLP “NMSC” Kazmortransflot ” / KMTF.

Contact information:

  • LLP “NMSC” Kazmortransflot”

  • Republic of Kazakhstan, 130000, Aktau, 14 md. building №70,

  • Tel.: +7 (7292) 535-890, 535-886, 535-887

  • Fax: +7 (7292) 535-888

  • е-mail: info@

Representation in Nur-Sultan:

BC Emerald Tower, st. D.Kunaev 8, floor 8.

Cabinets 839-841.

Tel.: +7 (7172) 786685,786688

Fax: +7 (7172) 786687

BIN 981 240 000 488

Helpline: +7 (7292) 535 823

Helpline email: doverie@