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Safety and quality

Occupational health and safety

In accordance with the Policy in the field of quality, safety and environmental protection, one of the main objectives of KMTF is to ensure occupational health and safety of employees. In this regard, KMTF strongly promotes:

  • The priority of the value of human life and health in relation to the results of production activities;
  • Involvement and training of managers at all levels on occupational health and safety issues;
  • Personal responsibility of employees for compliance with safety requirements;
  • Creating a positive safety culture to prevent incidents and accidents;
  • Effective communication between all stakeholders;
  • Safe performance of work and correction of unsafe behavior.

In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international maritime practice, KMTF performs the following activities and works in the field of occupational health and safety:

  • The structural unit responsible for health and safety issues carries out internal control over compliance with occupational health and safety requirements.
  • The following documentation in the field of occupational health and safety has been developed and approved: Policies, instructions, rules, procedures, golden rules, hazard identification and risk assessment, etc.
  • Trainings, instructions and testing of knowledge on occupational health and safety are carried out.
  • Employees are provided with special work clothes, special footwear and other personal protective equipment in accordance with standards.
  • Behavioral safety monitoring system has been introduced. Responsible employees conduct behavioral safety monitoring, according to the approved schedule.
  • A contract of compulsory insurance of employees against accidents in the performance of their work (official) duties is concluded.
  • Medical examinations of vessel crews and drivers of company vehicles (including sobriety tests) are carried out.
  • Vessels are provided with the following first-aid outfits: first aid kits, blood pressure cuffs, eye wash stations, WHO International Medical Guide for Ships, etc.
  • Microbiological and bacteriological examinations (analyses) of the water of the ship’s water supply system are carried out.
  • Employees are provided with free medical services under medical services/health insurance contracts.
  • Annual medical examinations of employees (subject to such examinations) are carried out.
  • The first round of the competition of the Chairman of the Management Board of KMG “The Best Innovative Ideas and Practices in the Field of HSE of the KMG Group of Companies” is held annually.
  • An analysis of the root causes of incidents and accidents is carried out. Measures for their prevention are developed.

KMTF Golden Rules

The Golden Rules of KMTF were approved by the decision of KMTF.
The Golden Rules of KMTF are the key requirements for safe performance of work, developed on the basis of international best practices in the field of safety and labour protection of leading oil and gas companies.

The Golden Rules fully comply with the established requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and International Standards in the field of safety and labour protection.
The Golden Rules do not supersede the observance of the basic rules for the safety of various types of work, but are in addition to them.

All workers of KMTF should demonstrate by their personal example their adherence to issues of labor protection, industrial and fire safety.

Stop work authority

KMTF provides employees with guarantees of the legal right to refuse to work in the event of a situation that creates a threat to the life and health of the workers themselves or the people around them.

If you find an unsafe condition, action, mistake, omission, or misunderstanding that could cause harm to people, the environment, or property, STOP WORK. Your action will not be subject to disciplinary action.

Environmental protection

"NMSC "Kazmortransflot" LLP strives to meet the highest standards of industrial and environmental safety and aims to continuously improve the environmental management system.

The Company undertakes to comply with the environmental legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international conventions and standards.

One of the objectives of the Company's Policy on Quality, Safety and Environment is to prevent pollution and protect the environment, for which purpose the Company assesses all identification risks associated with vessels, personnel and the environment and arranges for appropriate protection against them. The Policy applies to all employees of the Company, as well as employees of contractors providing services at KMTF facilities.

The Company has an integrated environmental management system, the foundation of which is also the current environmental legislation, the principles of environmental management and a process approach.

Since 2007, the environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 has been up and running.

In accordance with the program of industrial environmental control quarterly calculations of actual emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere from stationary sources of pollution based on the primary environmental accounting data are performed, monitoring of water resources, including: control of drinking water quality, control of water consumption and water disposal, analytical control of conditionally clean water. Vessel inspection on identified environmental inspection checklists is ensured.

KMTF's waste management system includes organizational measures to track waste generation, control over waste collection, storage, disposal and neutralization. These measures are designed to reduce the negative impact of production and consumption waste on the environment and a clear systematization of the processes of formation, disposal and neutralization of all types of waste, in accordance with the current environmental legislation and international conventions ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of merchant shipping.

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On mandatory environmental insurance" dated December 13, 2005 № 93-III ЗРК, KMTF annually concludes a contract of compulsory environmental insurance, the object of which is the property interest of the person engaged in environmentally hazardous economic and other activities related to its obligation under the civil legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan to compensate harm caused to life, health, property of third parties and (or) the environment as a result of its accidental pollution.