In order to ensure staff readiness for emergency situations and to work out the actions in the fire on May 31, 2018, a training fire safety alarm was conducted in the administrative building of LLP “NMSK” Kazmortransflot “LLP.

During the training alarm, KMTF employees and other organizations located in the building, as well as the service personnel of the Administrative building, were evacuated to the site of the collection, according to the evacuation plan and light signs.

Evacuation was carried out through the main and emergency exits of the building. The organization of interaction between contractors serving the Administrative building and the actions of security officers, ensuring free passage / evacuation of personnel and limiting the admission of people to the building have been worked out. The functioning of the fire safety system of the building (fire alarm, air support, automatic unlocking of evacuation doors, etc.) was checked.

A practical lesson was also conducted with the staff on the use of the powder fire extinguisher.