July 30, 2018 the reporting meeting of the staff of LLP “NMSK” Kazmortransflot “for the first half of 2018 was held. The opening speech was made by Ormanov Marat Kushkenbaevich, General Director of LLP “NMSK” Kazmortransflot “.

The General Director provided general information on the Company’s status for the first half of 2018, noted the main points and current trends in the market of sea transportation of cargoes of the Caspian Sea and open seas.

During the meeting the following speakers spoke:
– Deputy General Director for Commercial Issues Orzhanov A. E.;
– Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance Akhmetov S.Zh.;
– Deputy Director General for Safety of Navigation and Fleet Operation Kopbaev Zh.T.;
– Deputy General Director for General Issues Cherkassky V.S.

The deputies gave presentations and reports on the supervised areas for the first half of 2018.

Based on the information provided by the deputies, General Director of LLP “NMCK” Kazmortransflot “Ormanov M.K. gave corresponding instructions and noted the main directions of the Company’s work in the second half of this year.