Employees of LLP “NMSK” Kazmortransflot “took part in the international complex exercise” TENIZ-2018 “.

In accordance with the agreement on cooperation in the sphere of prevention and liquidation of emergencies in the Caspian Sea, the international complex exercise “TENIZ-2018” is held for the third consecutive year.

The events were carried out to improve the interaction of the rescue services of the Caspian states in response to emergency situations in the Caspian and its border areas.

Rescuers of the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan participated in the exercises.

Four sea-going vessels and seven units of rescue boats were involved in the exercises.

Practical part of the exercises was held in the seaport of Bautino.

This port has an appropriate infrastructure – there is a dock for sea vessels, an observation tower, there are places for building rescue teams, helicopter platforms are available.

Rescue units of the Caspian states jointly worked out emergency response activities. Demonstrated the ability to seek and rescue people who are in distress at sea, provide first aid to the victims, evacuate them from the water on board the rescue ship with the use of special rescue technologies and much more.