The organizer of the exercise was the Russian Federation, represented by Rosmorrechflot. Active participation in these exercises was accepted by LLP “NMSK” Kazmortransflot “with tug” Esil “.

The purpose of the exercise is to work out the organization of the interaction of forces and resources in carrying out prospecting works, as well as work to eliminate the consequences of a spill of oil and oil products, determine the level of preparedness of personnel of rescue units and their controls in the aftermath of sea accidents and the readiness of command, to fulfill the tasks assigned to them, to improve the practical actions of the crews of ships and personnel of rescue teams on OSR in the water area of the sea.

The training was attended by observers from the Republic of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

As the organizers noted, the goals have been achieved, the tasks have been accomplished, the exercises have been successful.