On January 30, a meeting of the primary party organization of the «NurOtan» Party (PPO) was held at NMSK «Kazmortransflot». During the meeting, the party members discussed the results of the Party’s activities for 20 years and the main provisions of the draft program of the «NurOtan» party until 2030, delegates were also elected to the extraordinary 28th conference of the Aktau city party branch.

It was noted that PPO is the main working tool of the Party, its foundation. The draft party program until 2030 is based on the Five Institutional Reforms, which are the right way to reform the state to become one of the most developed countries in the world. The party, as the leading political force in the country, in the framework of the strategy defined by the Chairman, will direct its main efforts towards the achievement of the 10 main goals of the coming decade.

Particularly detailed party members discussed the full support of youth – the future generation of great opportunities. Investing in youth development today is an investment in the innovative economy of tomorrow.

The new generation of Kazakhstan should be the engine of the strategic course of our country. And its comprehensive support is one of the priority activities of the party. In this regard, it should be noted that the formation of a sense of patriotism and an active life position of each young Kazakhstani remains important for modern Kazakhstani society.

During the meeting, party cards were presented to two new party members, young professionals – Krasnova Olesya Alekseevna and Kusainova Aksuirik Erbolkyzy.