A solemn meeting devoted to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held today at the office of the National Medical Insurance Company Kazmortransflot.

The management of the Company and the deputy chairman of the Mangystau regional branch of the NurOtan party N.N. Tumyshev congratulated the staff of the National Medical Insurance Company Kazmortransflot on the National Holiday. A presentation was made to the team of the National Maritime Shipping Company and guests of the commemorative event by K.K. Esetov, Director of the Documentation Support and Information Technologies Department of NMSC Kazmortransflot LLP. He spoke about the achievements and victories of Kazakhstan for 27 years of independence: about the growing importance of the republic in the international arena, about the country’s investment policy, about the development of industry, the social sphere, health care and education.

“Kazakhstan’s achievements do not stop there. Our independence is directed to the future on the basis of large-scale modernization of various spheres of life of Kazakhstan’s society within the framework of the national strategies and programs “Kazakhstan-2050”, the Nation Plan “100 concrete steps to implement five institutional reforms”, “Nurly Zhol”, “Third Modernization”, “ Rukhani Zagyru, “Strategic Development Plan of Kazakhstan until 2025,” said Kuanysh Kalpenovich in conclusion.

Also, during the solemn event, the deputy chairman of the Mangystau regional branch of the “NurOtan” party N.N. Tumyshev awarded the “20 years of Astana” medal to K. Esetov, as recognition of his contribution to the development of the National Fleet and active work as a deputy of the Maslikhat of Aktau.