The meeting on the results of the operational period of the «Tengizchevroil» Future Growth Project for 2018 was held at the NMSK «Kazmortransflot».

The main event of 2018 was the participation of “NMSC “Kazmortransflot” LLP in the Tengizchevroil Future Growth Project. To this end, KMTF has built three specialized multifunctional vessels “Barys”, “Sunkar” and “Berkut”. They transport oversized modules between the bases in Kuryk and Prorva. Modern tugs Talas, Emba and Irgiz were built and commissioned in 11 months. 2 barges are attracted by special NCOC regime.

Within the project has been transported: 28 modules, 25260 thousand tons of cargo, including module weighing 1900 tons.
During the operational period of 2018, inspections were conducted on an ongoing basis.

The results of the inspection carried out within the scope of work of the Project showed that KMTF complies with all international standards on the marine safety.

The number of crews for 2 watches is 102 people, of which in 3 MCV – 72 people and in 3 tugs – 30 people.

In order to prevent incidents in CaTRo tugs and barges in 2018, 3 KMTF employees underwent IIF courses (training for safety culture trainers), 34 employees were trained in IIF courses (24 tug crew members, 10 project team members), and ELC courses for 20 crew members.

During the carried out technical inspections, actions were taken promptly to eliminate the identified faults. Joint work is being carried out with Damen shipyard within the scope of warranty obligations.

Following the meeting, plans for 2019 were determined and specific instructions to the responsible persons were given by Ormanov M.K., General Director of the “NMSC “Kazmortransflot”.